Baguette Charm – Loving Hut, Matlock Rd., Arlington, TX

Baguette Charm, Loving Hut, Arlington TX

Loving Hut is a 100% vegan chain of restaurants with locations across the nation. That is a wonderful reality. The question of, “is it hard to be vegan?” should be eliminated from our dialogue. A short drive from our home base in Austin to Frisco for a game of Major League Soccer included a stop at the chain’s Arlington location, located in a strip mall across from a placed called “Sports Burger.” The juxtaposition was delicious, but not as delicious as the Baguette Charm, Loving Hut’s answer to the cheese steak sandwich.

The sandwich boasts succulent soy protein, bell peppers, onions, homemade veganaise and melted vegan cheese on a toasty baguette. It succeeds because it aims so low; often, vegan cheesesteaks are too ambitious, forgetting that the joy of an omnivorous cheesesteak is in its corruption, in its badness. A “good” cheesesteak, as defined by popular culture, involves enough grease to seep through a brown paper bag. Vegan cheeseteaks emphasize taste — the Baguette Charm emphasized a smoky flavor with sticky, molten hot cheese. Despite being homemade and vegan, it tasted bad for me. This made the sandwich extremely good. It’s a tricky line, and possibly one born from a childhood lived in poverty.

The true stars of the meal were the side dishes, vegan cole slaw (a rarity, at least in this style) and potato salad. They were perfection by any taste’s definition.

3 thoughts on “Baguette Charm – Loving Hut, Matlock Rd., Arlington, TX

  1. I’m a bit confused. Was this sandwich a success, or did it taste bad? Or perhaps you are using success in a way I am not quite seeing.

  2. All vegan is NOT healthy. Many ingreidents used to prepare vegetarian foods do notg make the food much healthier than other foods. Wheat and corn products arde overused and create numerous health issues for folks. If breads are served, which are highjly processed foods with little nutrition, it is best to use ezekiel breads or other healthier organic grain choices.

    Be leary of all vinegars except perhaps apple cider vinegar w, which is best suited as a medicinal remedy.

    All sugars ewxcept perhaps Grade B Maple syrup and dark agave. Honey is equally unhealthy causing similar problems as all sugars. Black pepper adheres to the large intestine creating more environmenrts for parasite reproductio, clogs the liver and may contributes to gall stones. Ground black pepper is suited for a radiator leak causing it to seal…what do you suppose it does to your body..

    • You might have noticed, had you read this post or any other on the site, that no one really raises the issue of health. It is, by habit rather than design, largely outside of this site’s interest. I am familiar with many of the points you’re making, and find much of the paleo diet/mindset to be…reasonable, I guess. But when it comes down to it, I cannot accept any set of ideas that tell me black pepper has no place in my diet. When it comes down to it, Grok, that dog don’t hunt.

      Should you wish to discuss the wonderful world of sandwiches, I urge you to read any and all posts on the blog and contribute to our little world. Should you wish to lecture us about gut inflammation and anti-nutrients (again, things I find to be reasonable arguments) I suggest you take that shit somewhere else. This is On Sandwiches. We won’t be going without bread anytime soon.

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