Mozzarella & Roasted Tomato – Twist Cafe, E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

Though I have previously railed against an overabundance of cheese in a sandwich that criticism hardly seems apt when the cheese is the point. Further, mozzarella is a mild cheese and is rather suitable to being presented as the big idea in a sandwich. This wasn’t a spectacular sandwich but it was a fine midweek lunch, the sort of pleasing but ultimately forgettable sandwich which we all come upon rather frequently. The bread had a nice crust to it and the crunch presented a fine contrast to the gooey cheese. The roasted tomatoes had a subtle sweetness which was a bit overshadowed by the balsamic reduction glaze. Altogether a fine sandwich about which there is no need to wax poetic.


3 thoughts on “Mozzarella & Roasted Tomato – Twist Cafe, E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

  1. The visual presentation is impressive there. Too bad it’s all sizzle and literally no steak.

  2. I have to begrudgingly concede that a cheese sandwich is a cheese sandwich, and that criticizing its inclusion of cheese is a fool’s errand.

    Even within the parameters set by the individual who named this sandwich, though, isn’t there such a thing as too much cheese? There’s a sea of mozzarella on that thing, or at least there appears to be. How much is too much?

  3. I think everyone would agree that there can be too much cheese, Jon, but I don’t think this sandwich crossed that line. I think you’ll find that a good bit of bread goes a long way. If you’ve got a roll that can stand up to the cheese, provide a bit of a backbone to an otherwise amorphous mass, well then you just might have a fine sandwich.

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