This is a place to speak on sandwiches.

I believe sandwiches do not get what they deserve. As an entire category of food confined largely to a single meal, sandwiches get neither the respect nor the study they deserve. Not too long ago I thought about this and decided that something should be done. There should be a place where someone can look between two pieces of bread, examine what is there and ponder what ought to be. A place where each ingredient is considered on its own and in its relation to the larger piece. A place where someone can speak on sandwiches.

And so here we are.


8 thoughts on “This is a place to speak on sandwiches.

  1. OMG the Los Gatos Gourmet made my sandwish today and guess waht I was thinking boy for $7.95 that sour wheat Guere’ cheese and cucumber sandwach had better really be a sandwich that is outstanding!
    BTW it was amazing! far exceeding anything I have ever had in a sandwish, the bread was amazing and the combo of resh wild greens and a little balsalmic and rich olive oil.. fantastic… I had to stop back in and tell them all! If you want a sandwich that is simply perfection get it there with a nice glass of wine and a friend or a good book to go with it!
    sara werp

  2. Hi,

    I have been a long time fan of this blog, and I have noticed that there has not yet been a review of an Arepa type sandwich. Are there any restaurants in the area that serve them? If so, I would love to see one. Thanks!

    • You know, since moving to the west coast I haven’t really come across any, although I can’t say I’ve been looking very hard. I’ll keep my eye out, though, and if I find a professional producing a fine arepa I’ll be sure to feature it here.

  3. How do you feel about a music video about sandwiches? Well here it is:

    Sandwich Music Video –

    and if you in the mood for a cartoon about music and sandwiches your in luck:

    The Fader Jockeys

  4. You ought to try the Masa Muffaletta from Masa in Echo Park, and the BLTs at Monte 52 inside the Tropicana Market in Highland Park. They are my #1 and #2 sandwiches.

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