The Best of On Sandwiches


Though we hope that you find all of On Sandwiches worth reading, we recognize that people are often most interested in the outliers. Of more than 500 sandwiches sampled at professional establishments, here are the 10 best:

10) Double hamburger with everything, from Original Tommy’s in Los Angeles.
9) The Godfather at All About The Bread in Los Angeles, or the Italian from Sal, Kris and Charlie’s Deli in Long Island City.
8) La Cubana from Tortas Boos Voni in San Francisco.
7) The Istanbul, from SUNdeVICH in Washington, D.C.
6) The Mushrooms on Toast, from Little Chef Counter in San Jose.
5) The Hudson’s French Onion Deluxe, from Clementine in Los Angeles.
4) The beef dip at Phillipe’s, or the pork dip at Cole’s. Superiority depends on what you’re looking for.
3) The Rossini from The Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, further considered here.
2) Roast pork with cherry peppers from the Cask Republic in New Haven.
1) This space intentionally left blank, out of deference to that which was formerly the best.

If I may praise myself, here are the five best sandwiches I’ve ever made:

5) Donut, Ice Cream
4) Boulettes d’Agneau Avec Espagnole et Brie
3) Bourbon Apple Pork Loin
2) Kimchi Grilled Macaroni & Cheese
1) Brussells Sprouts


3 thoughts on “The Best of On Sandwiches

  1. There used to be a deli called Bennys in NYC that I went to for lunch when I was in my 20’s. They made the best meatball heroes and also eggplant Parmesan heroes. I have tried most of my life (I’m 65) to duplicate the meatballs but I could not and finally gave up! Bread is an important part of a good sandwich. Their bread was good too! Nice blog. Love you title: Sandwiches I have eaten and would like to eat. It cracked me up.

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