General Sandwich Discussion: The Catered Sandwich


From time to time throughout the year many of us find ourselves at catered events. Often behind these events is some celebratory purpose, or perhaps one of memorial or charity. In any case, it is unlike a large meal out or anything of that sort in that the food is not the foremost concern. There is often something serious to be discussed, and those of us who would suggest that the food is serious simply seem gauche. The upside to this socially motivated silence, though, is that when it comes to most catered sandwiches the less said the better.

Consider the item above, a fairly typical representative of the catered sandwich. Having been quartered, the ratio of ingredients to bread is way off, and even the ratio of ingredients to other ingredients falls out of line. What’s stunning about this is not that it has happened to the corner of the sandwich you have. What’s stunning is that it’s frequently the case that all of them have suffered this sort of fate. One whole becomes a collection of unsatisfactory fractions, a result both unfortunate and unsurprising.

Sandwiches served in the “slider” style tend to avoid that problem, but they still fall short. With their trademark size it’s just when you’re really getting to appreciate the sandwich that you finish it.

So with all available options being substandard, the question that rises is whether any sandwich is better than no sandwich at all. That’s a matter I leave for each person to settle on their own. I begrudge no one their answer, whatever it may be.