Bagel Egg Sandwiches — Made at Home

One of my greatest simple pleasures in life is making a sandwich on a bagel. It usually doesn’t matter what type of sandwich. I don’t care for cream cheese, so no matter how much I love bagels — and I do love them — my options for consuming bagels usually comes down to “plain bagel,” “toasted bagel,” or “bagel sandwich.” As you can see, one of those options is clearly head and shoulders above the rest.

I found myself with a few bagels over the weekend and no lunch meat. I briefly considered making a grilled cheese or a peanut butter sandwich before remembering that I had eggs, and so I made a monster bagel egg sandwich. I split and toasted an “everything” bagel, to which I added margarine. To this, I added two fried eggs and a slice of muenster cheese. The end result was quite pleasing, particularly with the bits of onion on the bagel adding a welcome, savory saltiness. The margarine was a bit lost, and had I used butter, I feel it would have been lost as well.

The following day, I decided to revisit the experiment with a couple of significant changes.

This time using a sesame seed bagel, I again fried two eggs and added a slice of cheese, but instead of butter or margarine, I went with apricot preserves. Although messy (due to the hole in the bagel), the combination of jam and egg is always welcome, and paired better with the sesame seed bagel than it would have with the “everything” bagel. I feel I made the correct choice with both bagel sandwiches. The only thing I would do differently next time is giving the eggs a liberal dose of pepper. If you find yourself with a bagel, a couple of eggs, and five minutes, you would certainly be doing yourself a favor if you whip up a quick and satisfying sandwich.


6 thoughts on “Bagel Egg Sandwiches — Made at Home

    • As a man who considers himself somewhat knowledgeable inre matters of nutrition, I sympathize. I accept that carbs, generally speaking and specifically those that come from bread, are not good for me. But life is to be lived, and to abstain from sandwiches is not what I would call living. And make no mistake, by eliminating bread you are abstaining from sandwiches. All things can be sandwiched, but not all things that can be sandwiched become sandwiches. And if you aren’t holding something between two pieces of bread (or one piece sliced so as to resemble two), you aren’t holding a sandwich. I wish the standard could be more permissive, but I feel as if it’s as wide as can be without becoming completely meaningless.

      I’m glad you like the blog, but we won’t be making sandwiches without bread. Ever. I sympathize with your desire to not eat carbs, but I would urge you to consider that perhaps sandwiches are a sin worth indulging.

  1. Anastasios – try using lettuce. I have heard of some people wrapping stuff up in it to avoid using bread. Never tried it myself, but it sounds like it’d work just fine to me.

    • I see your thinking here, but those people aren’t making sandwiches. They’re making lettuce wraps.

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