Tandoori Chicken & Sweet Potato – Made at Home

When I first bit into this sandwich my immediate reaction was one of disappointment. I had thought on this sandwich for months, never getting around to making it and always tinkering with the ingredients, taking a small set towards a more delicious sandwich. By the time I actually made the sandwich it had already been through several revisions, ending up with roasted garlic, red onion, tandoori chicken, sweet potato and pickle relish. Frankly, I knew I had a winner. And despite my disappointment, my first bites into the sandwich validated that confidence. My disappointment, you see, came not from the sandwich I had planned but from a simple poor choice at the market. I picked up a new type of roll that morning, and upon taking them from the package they seemed much sturdier than they had initially seemed. In eating I caught only hints of the sandwich I had made, each bite being overwhelmed with bread. I’m not opposed to a quick bit of on-the-plate surgery when the situation calls for it, though, and I took a knife and hollowed out most of the top half of the roll. That brought things perfectly into line, and the delicious sandwich I had envisioned emerged. This was one of those sandwiches where the ingredients seem to dance, each one stepping forward for one bite and back for another. One bite was mostly chicken and relish, the next garlic and sweet potato. The red onion was raw and brought the strength you expect from such an item, but there was enough going on in the rest of the sandwich that it wasn’t even close to overwhelming. It’s always nice when things come out as you’d hoped they would, and that’s exactly what happened with here. I set out to put together a delicious sandwich, and that’s exactly what I got.