From the Archives: A Fried Chicken Sandwich, Pickles, and a Carpenter’s Plane

In the last two weeks of the year, On Sandwiches will be featuring select posts from the archives that you may have missed. We hope that you can forgive us these reruns, as we are hard at work on new, ambitious projects. Today’s selection is a fried chicken sandwich from Flanagan’s Ale House in Louisville, Kentucky.

You can forgive someone who aims high and falls short. It is easy to imagine someone without the means to do their best. But to see someone with such means and opportunity aim so low is truly despicable. The margin between simply being the best of a bad lot and being legitimately good is not so wide, and it is a shame more large-scale establishments do not try harder at crossing.


Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich, Flanagan’s Ale House, Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY