Tennessee BBQ Pork — River Belle Terrace, Disneyland

The River Belle Terrace is located on the border of Frontierland and New Orleans Square in Disneyland and features a few different sandwiches on offer. The Tennessee BBQ Pork is pulled pork in a thick BBQ sauce served on a soft white roll. It comes with a plastic cup of beans and your choice of cold salad.

The pork is tasty enough, with the sauce being about as appetizing as your average inoffensive BBQ sauce. The bread is spongy and unexceptional but holds the contents adequately. It isn’t a chore to eat, isn’t stale and can definitely hit the spot. Anywhere else in the world, this would be a mediocre, unexceptional or even disappointing sandwich. As far as Disneyland sandwiches go (and I have had my fair share), it is above-average. It does not approach the Monte Cristo at the Blue Bayou or the small offerings available during the food and wine festival at Disney’s California Adventure, but if you are at the park and in need of a bite, it will more than suffice.


5 thoughts on “Tennessee BBQ Pork — River Belle Terrace, Disneyland

  1. Was the sandwich expensive? At theme park prices I would be more critical if given something mediocre. But I guess you’re stuck with what they have unless you bring your own.

    • It’s like $11 or $12 normally, so yeah, pretty expensive for a regular sandwich, right in line with a theme park. I get a discount for being an annual pass holder though so it’s marginally more reasonable for me.

  2. The Monte Cristo is easily my favorite thing on the Blue Bayou menu. (And pretty much the best thing to eat in the park, save for the free tortilla in California Adventure.)

    • I hate to break it to you, Sarah, but the Mission tortilla factory at California Adventure is a thing of the past. It is being replaced by the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory.

      • No! I thought I had heard that, but I go to Disney so infrequently these days I wasn’t sure. Last time we were down there was a couple of years ago, and it was for a party at the resort, we didn’t even go into the park. (Several of our friends are big annual Mousehunt/annual pass holder types, but we stopped buying the SoCal pass years ago. Once it was over $150 a year, we just couldn’t justify it with the blackout dates and parking costs going up.)

        I did hear they are expanding beer and wine sales though, so that’s something.

        RIP Free warm tortilla.

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