Salsiccia – Speedy Panini, San Francisco Bay Area Food Truck

Despite a few mediocre experiences with local food trucks, I continue to try my luck. The latest is Speedy Panini, a truck boasting gourmet Italian sandwiches. The Salsiccia is a fairly straightforward number, with spicy sausage, roasted bell peppers, and pecorino cheese on a small ciabata roll. I have no gripe with a simple sandwich, after all, there’s less there that can go wrong. Nothing went quite wrong with Speedy Panini, but this sandwich wasn’t everything it could be, and the reason why perfectly illustrates the issue with contrast. People will often say they look for contrast in a sandwich: something sweet with something savory, something rich with something spicy, something crisp with something chewy. Those are all fine pairs, but to call it contrast is to miss the mark. They may in fact contrast, but what you should really be after is harmony. You don’t want different things so much as you want different things that work together. The issue with this sandwich was that while the sausage was nice and hot, the peppers were quite cold. Perhaps some people would find that appealing, but not me. That’s a bit of contrast I can do without. Aside from that, though, the sandwich was quite good. The bread was especially choice, crisp on the outside and chewy throughout. The sausage was quite spicy, which I like but may turn off others. The cheese was present but far from overwhelming. It wasn’t a perfect sandwich, but few are, and I didn’t walk away from this truck disappointed.


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