Mother Sandwich – Klondike Pizza, S White Rd, San Jose, CA


In discussions of what is and is not a sandwich, someone will often ask something along the lines of “Well, what if I folded a pizza in half?” That would not be a sandwich, it would be a folded pizza. But something about the idea takes hold of people, something about trying to bridge the gap between the mutually delicious worlds of pizza and sandwiches. The Mother Sandwich is one such attempt, pizza dough as flatbread, cooked crisp on both sides, holding mesquite chicken, Canadian bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo. This is more bridge than imitation, the opposite of something like a pizza sandwich. That is much to its benefit, I think, because you end up focusing on the fact that you’re eating a sandwich instead of that you’re not eating pizza. The bread is the real draw here, and it’s a nice change of pace from your average roll or slice. It’s far from something I’d want to see often, but it’s crisp and it’s tasty. Everything else is more or less average, but ham/chicken/cheese is a classic combination for a reason, and together the whole sandwich rates as tasty enough. Ultimately, it’s just nice to see someone who can look at pizza dough, think ‘sandwich,’ and not end up with an ugly pile of nonsense leaking sauce everywhere.