Choripan – Grand Casino Bakery, Main St, Culver City

Choripán is traditional South American street food, first recommended to me by respected associates, one of whom gives a good rundown of it and other associated foods here. It’s a simple sandwich – sausage, crusty roll, chimichurri sauce. Sometimes there’s mayonnaise, sometimes fried onions or peppers, or lettuce and tomato. Ordinarily my reaction to such things on the side is to point out that I ordered a sandwich and not a hobby kit, but given the varied nature of the sandwich I’m inclined to forgive it here.

Needless to say, it’s delicious. A dose of fresh, bright chimichurri will make just about anything sing, from sausage to steak to most any meat, and almost certainly something like tofu or even roasted cauliflower. The main trick seems to be knowing that there isn’t much else required, but all the same I think something like a kidney bean humus might make an interesting accompaniment here. The simple pairing of two delicious, quality ingredients is almost cheating, in a way, but given the delicious nature of the outcome I imagine we’re all only too happy to look the other way.


4 thoughts on “Choripan – Grand Casino Bakery, Main St, Culver City

  1. I am currently living in Santiago, Chile, and I can vouch for the choripan. We had our independence weekend celebration a few weeks back and choripan was everywhere. It is a sandwich beautiful in its purity. Sadly, during the non-holiday times, it is less common. Still, when I’m in Santiago and I see choripan on a menu board, I always stop to eat. I have yet to be disappointed.

    • You’re on the mark there, they were pretty awful. Obviously frozen, barely cooked, half of them limp, it was a bad scene.

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