Steak & Tabbouleh Sandwich – Made at Home

I happened to have a bit of tabbouleh left over last week, and as I do with so many odds and ends of food, my mind turned to a sandwich. It was quality stuff, fresh and vibrant, heavy on flavor and light on filler. It seemed to me that steak was a decent base for such a thing, and a bit of yogurt with some lemon zest would further round things out. I hoped to find a cheese that would play between the richness of the beef and the herbal notes of the tabbouleh, but in my fear of overpowering cheese I undershot the mark. I wanted a cheese with just enough tang to register, and so I stayed away from anything particularly pungent or bold. Mahón cheese was what I ended up with, and it didn’t quite do the trick. A Spanish cows-milk cheese, it comes in both a semi-soft young version and an older, harder, more flavorful form, and I went with the younger. That was to the detriment of my sandwich, a pity, but it was to the benefit of my knowledge so I can’t complain too much. Overall, the sandwich rated at tasty enough, and the next one should be even better.



4 thoughts on “Steak & Tabbouleh Sandwich – Made at Home

    • I cooked it up for the sandwich, but using leftovers would be just as valid. I didn’t do anything fancy to it, just salt & pepper and a few minutes in a hot skillet for both sides.

      • What cut of meat? I’m interested because I’ve never thought of grilling steak just for a sandwich.

      • Boneless new york strip. Tender, not too fatty, generally speaking enough for two sandwiches, or one monster sandwich. I eat beef fairly infrequently, and steak even less frequently than, say, a cabeza taco or a hamburger. If you’ve got some insight into what might make my next steak sandwich better, I’m all ears.

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