Pesto Veggie Panini – L.A. Cafe, Spring St, Los Angeles, CA

lacafe-vegMy previous experience at LA Cafe was somewhat mixed, the lobster grilled cheese that could have been spectacular but was a bit hamstrung by the unyielding matters of cost control. So when I found myself downtown and on the hunt for a sandwich, I dithered on whether or not they were worth a revisit. Ultimately I figured they were. This time I went for the veggie pesto, a pressed matter of spring mix, avocado, tomato, cucumber, basil, cheddar cheese,and a basil pesto spread.

The bread for a pressed sandwich tends to be on the minimal side, just by virtue of the pressing. That’s expected, but the veggie pesto at L.A. Cafe stood out even by the standard of a panini. It was nearly paper-thin, and the pressing had rendered it to maximum crisp, almost to the level of crackerdom. I felt this was to the benefit of the sandwich, as the bread became solely a textural component (rather than both textural and flavorful), and that left the vegetables front and center. The pesto wasn’t applied too heavily, which I think also did the sandwich a favor. Avocado and pesto don’t stroke me as a natural pairing, but to my surprise the match was unobjectionable. All together it made for a tasty sandwich, and when next I find myself strolling downtown, I won’t hesitate to head in the direction of L.A. Cafe.