Indian Summer – Clementine Bakery Café, Ensley Ave, Los Angeles


The Indian Summer is so named on account of the spices, a mix of the usual suspects you find in an Indian-influenced item at a non-Indian establishment. Cumin, coriander, clove, etc. I make no criticism of that choice, if I wanted different I’d choose somewhere that isn’t a bakery café on the west side of town. I do take issue with the simple dusting on some grilled chicken, as the spices that were there weren’t quite loud enough. Blackened chicken would have gone a long way here.

In any case, the chicken was joined by grilled peaches, watercress and yogurt masala dressing on toasted crusty bread. Clementine, true to form, handled all of those admirably and in so doing pulled off the substantial challenge that is the fruit and meat sandwich. No surprise from a place that once had a sandwich ranking among the best I have ever eaten. This one wasn’t that good, but it was quite good all the same, and a quite good sandwich is plenty welcome on any warm afternoon.