Chicken & Cheese on a Croissant – Made at Home


This sandwich, made for my by an associate, falls into the popular “tasty but lacking” category. It was a simple combination of grilled chicken, tomato and muenster cheese on a croissant, topped with a bit of garlic mustard. The flavors played nicely together though I feel they all could have stood to be a bit louder. But these are minor quibbles, as I said the sandwich was tasty. The only real problem was the croissant. Holding a grilled chicken sandwich together is a bit much to ask of a croissant. It’s flaky and delicious but it’s not quite substantial enough, falling apart as you try to hold it together. Still, with a different choice of bread and a bit more garlic I get the feeling this could be a very good sandwich.


1 thought on “Chicken & Cheese on a Croissant – Made at Home

  1. The trick with croissants is not to cut them all the way through – cut a pocket into them much like you would to stuff a chicken breast. Also it’s easier if you dice your filling so it’s smaller (think, uh, packing peanuts vs. styrofoam blocks….)

    Hunt yourself down some Peppercorn Rye Bread if you can find a really old-school bakery. DAMN fine stuff, that.

    I love this site.

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