The Wahler – Los Gatos Brewing Company, W Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA

The Wahler appears on the menu at Los Gatos Brewing company with a bit of a coy description. “Something YUMMY.” it reads, “Don’t believe us? Try one!” Needless to say, this had me intrigued. I usually hope to have as little input as possible in a sandwich someone else is making; as I’ve said before, I want exactly what they have to offer. I find it delightful that not only are there establishments that are happy to do just that, but there are establishments so confident in their wares that they’ll do so without even telling you what’s there. I ordered the Wahler without hesitation. The waitress asked if I wanted to know what was in it, and I assured her I did not. If someone has that much confidence in their sandwich, I wish to take them at their word. Friends, the mystery sandwich did not disappoint. A soft ciabatta roll held tender sliced roast beef, crispy onion strings, pickles, tomatoes, aioli, and a tomato-based sauce. The sauce was sweet enough to stand up to the savory beef, and the pickles cut through things with a bit of salt and sour. Balanced in both taste and texture, the Wahler was as delightful in execution as it was in concept, and that’s a rare combination.