Smoked Salmon Sandwich – Little Chef Counter, San Pedro Sq, San Jose, CA

I’ve been so impressed by previous visits to Little Chef Counter that as soon as I notice a new sandwich on the ever-changing menu I head over to give it a try. The braised short rib was delightful, the mushroom sandwich delicious, and the breakfast sandwich well executed. The smoked salmon sandwich is the latest, with salmon joined by basil aioli, watercress, and spring onions on the same roll featured in previous sandwiches. Sadly, the law of averages has struck. This was a disappointment, the salmon dry, the basil almost unnoticeable, the spring onion similarly scarce. It functions as a salmon sandwich, but that’s the only note. Dressing the salmon in the basil aioli would have gone a long way, although I can understand the hesitation to do such a thing. The sandwich was just missing something to stand up against the salmon; something peppery or a mustard vinaigrette would have gone a long way.

I suppose a sub-par sandwich from Little Chef Counter was inevitable, but it’s sad to see. My opinion might be colored in the tiniest bit by the fact that this replaced the mushroom sandwich on the menu, that was mighty tasty and this is a big step down. All that said, Little Chef Counter still has a pretty good record and the next time a new sandwich comes up on the menu, you can be sure that I’ll head there with all due haste.


5 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Sandwich – Little Chef Counter, San Pedro Sq, San Jose, CA

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  2. I’d say use a arugula to add the peppery. Instead of aioli, dress the salmon in a grapefruit mayonnaise, a splash of lime, since it’s already smokey, to give a splash of zest. Add some small cubed pear to give it a crunch, and maybe a touch of sriracha sauce.

    I like sandwiches too.

    • That sounds like a fine sandwich to me. I like your style. Sadly, it can be tough these days to get someone to put together a fancy sandwich without aioli.

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