From the Archives: The Cask Republic, New Haven, CT

In the last two weeks of the year, On Sandwiches will be featuring select posts from the archives that you may have missed. We hope that you can forgive us these reruns, as we are hard at work on new, ambitious projects. Today’s selection is a roast pork and cherry pepper sandwich from New Haven’s Cask Republic.

cask-archivesIn the warm light of hindsight, this is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I praised it at the time, but I think about it quite regularly and wish New Haven were not so far out of my way. It’s a perfect mix of savory and spicy with the slightest hint of sweet, and though I’ve tried other roast pork sandwiches humming the same tune, none of them can sing like this one can. And yet it mostly just forgotten, forever pushed farther and farther into the archives. In sandwiches as in life, I suppose, as songs fade, memories gather dust, and amazing sandwiches end up forgotten.