Burgerim – Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood

burgerimI’ve spoken before about how I don’t respect the hamburger, and part of the reason that’s the case is that I feel it brings out a rather senseless enthusiasm in people. They end up piling anything they can think of on top of a hamburger patty, or adding several more patties, or some other such thing that lacks any kind of balance, harmony, or restraint. So imagine my delight to find Burgerim, an establishment that celebrates hamburgers not by what might go on top, but what might go in. The primary choice to be made at Burgerim is what manner of patty you want, and it’s not a short list: beef (standard, kobe-style and merguez), chicken, turkey, ahi tuna, veggie and lamb are all options. There are a variety of sauces that pair with the patties: pesto, harissa and garlic aioli are just a few. I went with the kobe-style beef with pesto and the merguez with harissa, and both were delightful. Perhaps equally importantly, both were moderately sized and easily taken in hand. If an overstuffed, towering burger can be taken as a sign of insecurity, Burgerim has nothing but confidence in their product.