The so-called “Italian Beef Beer Bread” – Four Peaks Brewery, E 8th St, Tempe, AZ

The so-called "Italian Beer Bread" at Four Peaks Brewery, Tempe, AZ

A wrap masquerading as a sandwich. Sickening.

This is, sadly, familiar territory. This is the listing from the Four Peaks Brewery menu: “Lean roast beef with sautéed red onion, green peppers, mushrooms mozzarella and garlic honey mayo rolled in our fresh baked beer bread.” I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when the above was brought to my table.

I am left wondering who is to blame. It was only in going back and preparing to write this post that I actually noticed those words. “Rolled in.” In the poor lighting of the outdoor patio, and in my haste, I missed the crucial words that would have tipped me off to the fact that I was going to be served a wrap, and not a sandwich. Is my disappointment solely my fault? The heading for this section of the menu is “Alehouse Sandwiches.” Was it unreasonable of me to assume that any and all items under that listing would be sandwiches? When one considers beer bread, a tortilla hardly comes to mind. And that is what troubles me, friends. What can be excused by carelessness and unwarranted assumptions on my part can only be explained by callous disregard on the part of whoever decided to call this a sandwich. This is a wrap. I know that a lot of things have changed over the years, and words do not always mean what they once did, but a sandwich is not a wrap. It is not now, and it has never been. But someone at Four Peaks Brewery is either unaware of this or simply does not care. I made a mistake in not reading the menu closer, I’ll admit to that much. But I did not make the mistake repeatedly, day in and day out. I did not serve a customer expecting a sandwich piled on hearty beer bread a bit of limp flat bread. I try to give restaurants the benefit of the doubt, I don’t grill the waitstaff about the construction of their sandwiches. I will take responsibility for not ferreting out the fact that someone with such disrespect for sandwiches designed the menu at Four Peaks Brewery, but the responsibility for so abusing my trust lies entirely with the establishment.

In the end, I hope this will exist as a cautionary tale. Read your menus carefully. There are those out there who, through ignorance or recklessness, will try to serve you a wrap and call it a sandwich.


4 thoughts on “The so-called “Italian Beef Beer Bread” – Four Peaks Brewery, E 8th St, Tempe, AZ

  1. I just ordered this chicken sandwich on “beer bread” at the airport (PHX Sky Harbor) and took it to my gate. I then opened up the box and really thought that they had mixed up the order and was tempted to go back to get my real sandwich. I decided to look it up in Google images and lo and behold there’s my so-called sandwich. Really wish that I had read your site before I ordered this over-priced wrap. Thanks for trying to spread the word out.

    • Condolences on your experience, and it’s disappointing to hear that this has spread to airports, taking in unsuspecting weary travelers.

  2. In my opinion anything at Four Peaks in Beer Bread is the “bomb”. I miss this food since moving to the great northwest.

  3. O my goodness, get over it, Pete. Wrap, sandwich, beer bread, what is the difference? They all have a filling. Regular customers of Four Peaks Brewery know what the beer bread is and know that any sandwich or hamburger can be requested in a beer bread. Why didn’t you ask, “What is your beer bread like?” It couldn’t have been disappointing because everything served there is delicious.

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