Revisited: Poor House Bistro, San Jose, CA

San Jose’s Poor House Bistro was previously featured here, and today’s post doesn’t have a lot to add beyond the description of two more sandwiches. Not all sandwiches need be philosophical questions, I suppose. The sandwich featured above is the BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boy, which is billed as New Orleans sauteed shrimp in a “spicy” and tangy sauce. I’m not sure why “spicy” is in quotes, but sometimes descriptions of sandwiches can be a bit screwy. In this case, what the description really needed was “peppery,” as that’s the best way to describe the sauce. I prefer my BBQ smokey and a little bit sweet, with the heat playing in the background. That’s not what I found in this sandwich, as vinegar and hot pepper took the foreground. Some folks may find this to be exactly what they’re looking for, but it just wasn’t for me.

The Cochon de Lait Po’ Boy, on the other hand, is much more my speed. A pile of slow roasted pork with the standard cabbage, tomatoes, and pickles, this was delicious. It was also deceptively filling — that pork may not travel to the outer edges of the sandwich but there’s plenty of it. It’s rich and it’s juicy and by the last few bites of this sandwich I found myself more than sated. The cabbage provided a pleasing bit of crunch to counter things, and nothing in the sandwich provided a strong enough flavor to outweigh the pork, which had a decent portion of garlic to the flavor. All in all, this was a well balanced, delightfully savory sandwich, and anyone craving a po’ boy in the bay area could do a whole lot worse than this one.