General Sandwich Discussion – Simply Sandwiches

Though I would like nothing more than to pretend that this is the only sandwich blog in existence, that is not the case. There are other sandwich enthusiasts at work out there, although truth be told there are not many. The amount of discourse devoted exclusively to sandwiches, and forums for same, is actually fairly small. As such, I do not hesitate in bringing other blogs to your attention.

Simply Sandwiches is just such a blog, a celebration of sandwiches by a gentleman in the New York area. His discussion is frequently more descriptive than philosophical, but that’s a matter of style and not sin. He also covers hamburgers, something we at On Sandwiches have to date avoided, though quite obviously hamburgers are sandwiches. I’d like to call special attention to two things. The first is a post on what he calls “filling creep,” the process familiar to all of us where the middle of our sandwich migrates outwards, sometimes to disastrous effect. He proposes an interesting solution and illustrates it well.

The second thing I would like to note is the “‘Wich Plot.” When asked about a sandwich, I will sometimes offer a passing judgement along the lines of “10 out of 10 concept, 4 out of 10 execution.” What I mean is that a sandwich has aimed high but fallen unfortunately short. Simply Sandwiches has a much more detailed way of examining this issue. From a review of Five Guys:

As you can see, the plot shows where a sandwich stands in Strategy and Execution, presented in a visually pleasing and quickly informative manner. It’s a nice feature from a collection of sandwich celebration and I encourage you to check it out.